Terms and conditions


All buys are binding, and Can not be refunded. All content Can be watched or downloaded from The website. If there is any trouble we Will help You.

Products must not be copied or distributed, nor put on any online service without our permission.


Your subscription/registration is binding, and refunds will not be honored.

Moneyback guarantee is only valid on listed prices (not individual discounts and / or two for one deals, products that advertise with "money back guarantee" and if You do not get the material and or learning as promised on our website. Will require that You participate at least one and a half Day.


* Bring pen and paper, and if we provide you with a manual, you will receive a link for it. Then download, print and bring it to the training. We do not have spare manuals at the training.

* Make sure we have your correct email, name and address.

* It is not possible to leave the training before time, or skip any of the lectures. That will mean we will not be able to certify you.


First day we always start at 9:30am, and there will be registration from 9:00-9:30am for those who are paying last installment or such, or last minute registrations.

Regular training days will start at 9am, and usually end between 5-6pm. Some days we might need to be there for longer.

Last day of training we will do our best to finish somewhere between 3-4pm.


Here are the details as for now. And remember that there will be som important details you need to keep an eye on,

1: Details might change (time, location etc) up to 1-2 weeks before the training.

2: If we do not have enough people as we require as a minimum 3-4 weeks before the training, we might move the training to another date. You will automatically be moved too. In case of cancellation you will be offered a new training and compensation, or you can have your money back.



Full payment must be received before you will get access. Payment are through PAYPAL, if you need another option, please contact us. (Bank/wiretransfer is only other option).

The whole fee must be paid before starting a training. The payment covers the actual training and manuals. Accomodation, drinks, food etc will be extra unless other information is published.


All material is online 24/7 – If youre registered for a physical module, this module will be announced on our webpage too.

Your subscription is binding and your deposit will be lost if you cancel.


We require a minimum amount of participants on each training. If were not enough, we will postpone the training soon as possible, and there will be no refund. All who signed up will be notified, and we will do our best to plan the new dates so tehy fit everyones calendar.


If you get delayed or will not be able to participate? Notify us right away on office@thehypnoacademy.com – Since registrations are binding, we will stll require full payment, but you will get the chance to participate on our next training with no extra costs, or Get a gift certificate for another Training.


If needed, and if were not able to fullfill the training, we can and will postpone the training to another time, to secure a full quality training. If so, there are no refunds, but you may be offered extra free training.


All material, videos, audios and more handed out may not be published, passed on or distributed in any way without a written permission from Hypnosis Academy International. Otherwise we will take legal action.