The Hypnotic Bridge

Excellent sessions - Excellent Framework

The Hypnotic Bridge is a beautiful little piece of hypnosis science.  It is a “Safety” structure you can put on top of any tool – even the whole session.  It is also called the “Session-bridge,” or “Micro-bridges.”  Bridges are used so that the mechanics of a session can flow, while giving you as the hypnotist an overview.  It will ensure that your client gets the most benefit from your work.

It will guide you to make sure that the conscious mind will not interfere with the actual work, and it also makes sure you get your client to the true and natural cause of their problems.  No more excuses or working with “false” realities. Most hypnotists get stuck in pre-planned questions and trusting their clients’ answers too much, which will lead them into working with false emotions, memories, or realities.

The Hypnotic bridge will connect your client with their body and emotions first, making sure the unconscious will answer honestly, and easily guide you into a natural reframing and implementation of lost or hidden resources and skills.  It makes sure that your client WILL experience not just singular but multiple successes.

Most people are afraid of change and just accept that life might never improve, even in spite of the pain or problems they are facing at this moment.  The human brain is programmed for survival, and just the fact that it might get worse if we do anything will prevent us from positive development.  The Hypnotic Bridge tricks the conscious mind into lowering the defenses and allows a natural, positive development with quick involvement of positive emotions, resources, and thoughts.  Before your client knows it, they have made several positive steps into a better future with comfort and insight.