Hypno Power Loop's Bundle

This is really not music, but the sound of science.

This is the real deal, when we talk about "music" for hypnosis..

I have been practicing for years as a hypnotherapist, 15 years to be exact. The last 10 years also as a Hypnosis Master Trainer. I have meet hypnosis music on many occasions, and heard so many variations of "trance" music. What i experience, is when there is a continuing melody in the music, this melody will create emotions, trigger memories and much more. Not really an advantage when doing clean and professional hypnosis. Also CD's with just white noise, seems to be annoying at some point, and most people will relax even more with just the sounds from their environment. 

Therefore i knew i needed to do something....

I started experimenting with frequency based sounds, nature sounds, sounds of heartbeats and such, and discovered that you can easily force someone into trance both mentally and physiologically with the right formula and structure. Hypno Power Loop's is this special formula of trance designed music. 20 layers of sounds and music that loops into a 60 minute journey, without continuing melody or other emotional forcing effects. PURE sound effects to empower, deepen and enhancing a natural trance. You got to listen to it...!